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TMA TRUCK PARTS was established in Konya city in 2012 under the brand called TMA TRUCK PARTS to supply transmission gearsoil pumpsfuel pumps and differential gears for European Trucks such as VolvoScania , MercedesZFCummins and Tractor Aplplications for agriculture. Since its establishment in a short time has found itself in the world market with quality.

Gaining the power from the rising success graph and the support of its customers, it strives for 100% customer satisfaction by constantly expanding its product range with its latest technology machines and experienced technical personnel and continuously inspecting its products with the latest technology devices in the quality control unit.

Heavy vehicle gear transmission gear module 8 producing over 600 types of gear which is manufacturing Ary 400 mm in diameter and produces over 150 kinds of oil pump. Customer support is preparing today for the future of the technology sector itself and from combining quality with value.

In the production of heavy duty gear transmission gears, TMA TRUCK PARTS produces 8 Modules up to 400 mm in diameter and produces over 3000 types of gear and over 300 types of oil pumps.

By combining customer support with technology and quality values, TMA TRUCK PARTS is preparing itself for the future of the sector.

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